Thursday, April 14, 2011

Root Cellar Completed!

After nearly nine months, our Earth Bag Root Cellar is completed! The big delay of course was the temperature. Once spring weather returned and we could count on 55 degree plus weather, we were able to complete the outer surface. We still leave the door open during the day to continue to dry out all of the residual moisture that collected during the winter and stored in the bags. We are confident that even in our very warm summer days, the interior will maintain a cool temp around 55 degrees, which will be perfect for curing the cheddar cheeses Kety is making from goat milk.

Next project - the goat proof chicken coop which will advance our understanding of earth bag construction. We desperately need to complete the new coop soon as a majestic owl is slowly decimating our hens who choose to roost in the trees at night. Our goal is to start hatching again on a regular basis and training all the new birds to roost in the new coop.

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marylea said...

What a proud moment for you guys! All that research and planning and your final result is stellar! I think you are so neat to do this!